Esports betting in USA isn't legal in most states, which has a deterring effect on esports fans who want to spice things up by placing a bet.

Esports-Betting In The US

Newcomers to online wagering may struggle to understand US eSports betting laws. Some states have regulated esports betting sites and sportsbooks, but others use offshore companies. Our guide to US eSports betting includes daily predictions written by experts in the relevant games and news coverage of the most important events for eSports bettors.

American esports betting

In the U.S., esports participation has increased. By 2023, Statista predicts 46 million Americans will watch esports. Esports betting is growing as fast as US TV viewership. If you live in the US and want to bet on esports, learn the laws. Because U.S. gambling laws are complicated, read them carefully. Depending on the state, esports betting will be legal, regulated, or illegal. If you know these rules, you won't make bad esports betting decisions.

Regs, licenses

Few Americans understand gambling laws. Most states ban sports betting. State laws limit even the biggest US bookmakers. State lawmakers are working to ease esports betting restrictions. New Jersey is one of four states to legalize esports betting. Only Nevada, New Jersey, Tennessee, and West Virginia allow legal esports betting. In some states, esports betting is regulated, meaning rules and restrictions must be followed. Arkansas, Delaware, New York, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Rhode Island, Illinois, Michigan, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, and Pennsylvania have regulated esports betting. Always research your state's gambling laws, no matter where you live. Follow these steps to avoid bookmaker complications.

Betting on Esport

You must be familiar with the esports bookmaker's website. Because state laws vary, it's important to know which websites are legitimate to avoid problems. There are both questionable and reputable esports betting sites online. Avoid websites without legal licensing from competitive leagues and state regulations. Using these sites will compromise your personal information and deposits. Before betting, learn about the different betting platforms. Some bookmaker sites are hybrids, while others are esports-only. Unlike hybrid sites, esports-first sites only offer esports betting.


New Jersey successfully challenged and overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, which banned sports betting (PASPA). States can now legalize, regulate, and launch their own gambling websites. This process is not instantaneous in all 50 states because it requires approval from multiple levels of government. In the coming years, each state will likely establish its own sportsbooks and online gambling industry to secure its share of sports betting revenue.


Although Delaware was the first state to legalize sports betting, the legislature has been slow to pass online wagering legislation. Delaware's only legal sportsbooks are in casinos. Delaware prohibits esports sites and wagers within its borders. ESB will update you if Delaware's esports betting regulations change.

Colorado sports betting

Although esports betting is legal in Colorado, bettors have few options nationwide. Experts say Colorado's gambling market will soon be one of the largest in the US. FanDuel and DraftKings operate betting sites in the state. In Colorado, sports betting is popular, and esports have been discussed. This would let Coloradans bet on League of Legends, Dota 2, and FIFA online. Colorado's esports betting scene.


Electronic sports betting is legal in New Jersey and offered at licensed sportsbooks. Because esports betting is still in its infancy on regulated sites, as it is in all US states, you won't find as many markets as on an offshore site that doesn't need New Jersey's approval. Esports betting is legal in every U.S. state.

New Mexico sports betting

New Mexico will have few sports betting options in 2022, and e-sports betting will be scarcer. Online gambling has a long way to go before becoming popular, as only four land-based casinos offer sports betting. Unlike in other states, esports betting in New Mexico requires a special permit from the Gambling Control Board. New Mexico could have esports betting by 2021 or 2022. Iowa sports betting Iowa is the forty-second state to legalize sports betting, but the law won't take effect until 2021, slowing progress. After Iowa legalized online sports betting, esports betting may take time to become popular. Because esports betting is popular among young Americans, its operators will work hard to legalize it. Iowa esports betting information.

North Dakota sports betting

North Dakota lawmakers rejected a sports betting bill in March 2021. This means esports betting is illegal in North Dakota, but offshore gambling is not. We can't predict when the state will allow regulated esports betting sites. Learn more about North Dakota esports betting in our guide.


Pennsylvania legalized and regulated sports betting, but not esports. State lawmakers are concerned about several factors, including its younger demographic. Doug Harbach, spokesman for the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, said esports betting laws are unclear. Esports aren't explicitly allowed in Pennsylvania under the Gaming Expansion Act, he said. Pennsylvania defines "sports wagering" as "betting on the outcome of an athletic event or an athlete's statistical performance" ESB will update its information whenever Pennsylvania's esports laws change. For more information, see our guide to esports betting in Pennsylvania.

Arkansas sports betting

Arkansas is one of the few states with legalized sports betting. The state only allows retail wagering, but lawmakers want to implement mobile betting apps soon. Even if Arkansas legalizes online sports betting, esports betting won't be possible until the state recognizes competitive video gaming as a "athletic" activity. The Arkansas Racing Commission oversees the state's gambling industry, and esports betting legislation is expected soon. FanDuel and DraftKings may become the best esports betting sites in Arkansas. These companies recognize esports betting's potential tax revenue.


The Rhode Island Division of Gaming and Athletics has approved retail sports betting locations. Rhode Island lawmakers have limited sports betting to two retail locations and the state-backed RI Sportsbook app. We expect Rhode Island's esports scene to mirror the rest of the US. Rhode Island will regulate online gambling soon. Rhode Island esports betting info is here.

Kansas sports betting

Kansas still prohibits betting on electronic sports, but this may change soon. This means Kansas's betting apps will include esports markets. Our other guide covers esports betting in Kansas.

Louisiana sports betting

Louisiana may legalize eSports betting in 2021. The Gaming Control Board must exempt esports betting in Louisiana before it can be done. It's unclear if Louisiana's gambling industry will grow or remain limited to land-based venues. Our guide explains Louisiana esports betting.
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